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10th May 2022: Winter and spring progress

For the first time, I have worked through winter on the AC. Firstly, the wood trim and dashboard dials and switches. Then, the challenge of installing 4 seatbelts. I also had a set of SPAX adjustable dampers made to order and fitted them. I re-did my flock spraying of the boot and front shelf, with better quality materials from "Floc-King".

I have also started to cover my restoration on YouTube.

The revarnishing finish is not perfect, but I don't want to dwell on this area since I can tackle it again in the future. There are more important tasks still to do.

The seatbelts were a challenge. Made some approximate calculations on the strength of the relevant parts of the bodywork, both wood and metal. My criteria was for a 1 ton load for each anchor point. I used building industry equations to establish the load required to pull each woodscrew out of the wood, as well as the tensile and shear strengths of the stainless screws I used. New brackets and reinforcements were mostly aluminium, in a heavy 6mm gauge. The exception was the little pillars that hold the shoulder straps for the frontbelts. These are 6mm thick grade 304 stainless steel.

Fitting the new dampers was easy. No need to remove wheels or jack the car up. Thanks to SPAX for making these to order, within 1 week.

For the flock spraying, I changed from using a water-based adhesive, to an epoxy. This needed to be colour matched by using 3 pigments, red, yellow and blue, plus thinners. In other words, it was a 6 part adhesive! The benefit of going to this trouble, is that it is much harder wearing than AC's original flock finish.

22nd September 2022: Post summer round-up

I've been busy making video reports this year for YouTube, hence this rather delayed website up-date. The main project was supposed to be the engine, but this has stalled - if you'll forgive the pun! I'm awaiting the new crankshaft and con-rods. Removing the liners and head studs has proved to be even harder than anticipated. 4 out of the 6 liners are out. 2 of those were removed by heating the block in the sunshine on our hottest day in history! I was working in the sunshine when it was 38 degrees C in the shade! Only 2 (out of 14) head studs have come out so far. I'm awaiting a liner extraction tool from an engineer friend.

To keep myself busy, I've worked on the starter-motor and dynamo. I've also been preparing to install all the new electrics and wiring. The new loom arrived yesterday, made to order by Auto Sparks. I also have a new electronic control-box and a period looking battery. I'm adding a few electrical accessories, and have made the appropriate mounting brackets.

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